Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend Recap!

Where do the weekends go?

Friday night we started off the weekend at Grant's birthday party! He had a large time and my girls did too. I only took one pic with my camera phone... Weak, I know.

Saturday morning I decided to run a 5k downtown. Yes, I literally decided at 6:45am on Saturday that I would lace up and pound the streets. I survived, barely! Did I mention that it felt like 100 degrees at 8am too!

I took Lydia to Dothan Nurseries afterwards and I really think everybody there was wondering if the tall red head was about to fall out. My face was RED! It was no big deal though bc it always looks like that when I exceed my physical ability.
Point is, if you haven't visited the Market on Saturday mornings, you should.
Lots of local produce, casseroles, honey, breads, etc.

Saturday afternoon we got a sitter and headed out to a friends house to watch football. I wasn't really game in paying a sitter, so I could watch football; however, I was game in leaving this house. :)

Sunday, Was a day of church and rest.It was good. No dusting, no laundry, notta thang!! Just taking it easy.

Btw, these bad boys arrived on Friday. Aren't they sassy?


  1. I don't care what you say I am still impressed that you ran a 5K on a HOT, SATURDAY morning...good for you! I did not know about the Market. Will have to check it out. And yes, those ARE sassy! :)

  2. Way TO GO!! on the 5k!!! Amazing!

    And...I am so glad to see your sassy new boots! And relieved. I just bought a pair of gray low cut boots - mine have a heel - I liked 'em, but wasn't sure if I could pull them off. You've given me confidence!

  3. WOW!!!!! The boots are......... you! Great job on the 5K. You definitely did not take after your mother completing that big run!