Monday, June 11, 2012

Betes Check Up

Lydia and I loaded up and headed North this morning for a routine 'betes check-up. We got a really good report card too!
Thomas the Turtle made the trip and met Dr. Ashraf

Weighing in at a big ol' 37 lbs

Lydia- Future Betes Doctor with a 7.4 A1c on June 12, 2012

Now, you may wonder what in the world this picture is below. Lydia was asleep and I was sitting at the light, on Taylor Road and 231 S. I glanced over to my left and hello Marathon station. Every single time we pass that store, I think about our sweet Lydia, sitting in the back of the ambulance with Will, en route to Children's Hospital, as I followed close behind. (they made a pit stop there)

This afternoon, when I glanced over at the store it made me realize just how far we have come, since that emotional drive to Birmingham. Whew, we have come a long way. Each day is a new day with diabetes and it doesn't sleep or go on vacation, but we feel like we can make it work. And we do make it work.

 So.... Marathon Store, here's to pumping for one full year, a good report card today and an awesome, little girl that will continue to make it work, when this Mama is too old to hear the 2 am alarm.

We were both thrilled to get back to Dothan this afternoon.

And I was really happy when I received a text from Courtney that said she would deliver us dinner.  (It was delicious. Thank you, Sissy!!) Then,  Bea-Bea invited the girls over for a sleepover WITHOUT Daddy and Frances!
Don't ask.... Spooky, I know! :)

Today was long, but good.

Night Y'all. Say your prayers.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Yay for Rain!

 This picture totally sums up their personalities.
Lydia under the umbrella and Dantz getting a drink of rain.

Friday, June 8, 2012

VBS and BB's Bday

This week has been busy.

And let me just give a big shout out to all teachers, especially preschool teachers. And a double shout out to 'betes mom's that work full-time. My level of exhaustion went to a whole new level this week and I only put in five days for less-than four hours a day. :)

It was VBS week at our church and the girls and I were there everyday, fully involved. I taught the 4P class with a total of 19 boys and girls. And let me just say, they were all precious. And funny. Their bible knowledge at 4 and 5 years old was quite impressive. I learned as much from them as I hope they learned from me.

These two little angels were super excited about "vacation bible school"!  They had a blast and loved seeing me at snack time and throughout the week,  when I would check L's blood sugar.

This week made me realize that I am not quite ready for Lydia to go to school for five days in the Fall. VBS was a teeny, tiny dose of what next year might be like for us and wow, it wasn't that easy.

We will get there, even if it means  detailing cars in the church parking lot, while she's in class. :)

Next up- we gathered for Bea-Bea's birthday this week. The fam came over for dinner and cake and it was a sweet, little birthday celebration.

Happy Birthday, Dear Bea-Bea.... Happy Birthday to you!!

Dantz is our early riser and claims that the birds wake her up in the mornings. I claim it is her daddy stompin' around the house leaving for work early, I hear her feet hit the floor every day (this week a few times before 6) and she comes to our bedroom door and pretty much demands orange juice. every. single. morning.  If I  tell her it's too early and to get back into bed, it is just a loud scene, that this non-early riser cannot handle. So, I get the girl her OJ.  After her morning juice, she crawled back into bed with me more than once this week. I loved it!

Since this week has been long and wonderful, we decided to hit the town tonight. We went to Happy Hour  Dinner......

then, face down in DQ!

Happy Weekend!!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Summer Dayzzz!

Lazy Mornings are Good!

Then we suit up and head to the pool!