Sunday, July 28, 2013

PCB Fun with Grandmother and Rob

We have had so much fun with you this Summer. Glad we got to spend a weekend with you before you and Rob head back North for the Winter.  Thank you for always playing with us, the shopping trips and all the adventures. We will miss you so much. 

Lots of Love!
Lydia and Dantz

PS. One of us already cried for you while our mama was tucking us in tonight. :)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Just a few pics.. and lots and lots of rambling.

I have been slacking in the blogging department, big time. I just cannot seem to find a good time to post and I definitely haven't been taking many pictures.

 Speaking of blogging. Anyone out there use google reader? I knew it was going bye-bye, but I guess I just ignored it and bam, all the blogs that I follow are gone. What are y'all using now? I cannot go to each address to keep up and I don't really want to list them on my blog. Email me with the latest and greatest, please.

 Anywho, life has been a bit crazy. I like the phrase, blessed yet stressed. That seems to be true around here lately. And what is up with all the rain? Anyone else getting ready to float off?

The Summer is just about gone. We got word today that a full-time nurse has been approved for the school system, so that makes it much easier for them to care for Lydia. They will have a nurse at Montana full-time and we are beyond thrilled about it. We got the big, school supply list offline this week, so it's time to take big girl shopping. I bought her school uniforms last week. I just cannot believe she's going into Kindergarten. She is pumped.

Have I mentioned how much they LOVE each other??

Will and I slipped off to St George mid-June to celebrate our anniversary. We were gone less-than 24 hours, but it was long overdue. We got to see some of Will's old friends from his days in Vero Beach and it was fun to catch up.

Lately, we have been a bit on edge. Will lost his job a few weeks ago and it stinks. The hardest is we are total opposites. I make quick decisions and rush into new plans. (which isn't usually good, but I like action) Will is a thinker, researcher and slow shaker. We are struggling with a balance, but I know we will get to where we need to be. God is awesome and always provide. We are totally trusting in him. We are thankful and blessed that he put me back into my old job, from my previous life. And insurance is through my company. PTL!  This too shall pass.

Mom has been here all Summer and we love having her around. The nights she spends with us, Dantz crawls in bed with her around 6, every morning. They sleep and snuggle until about 7. It is sweetness. Emma and Sue Ellen are with her a lot and we love their visits. The girls have a big time playing together. It does my heart good. (still missing my brother, every single day)

So, I am pretty much all over the place in this post. Just typing and not really even reading it. I will delete or save for later, if I decide to edit. So, this is the latest. Girls are getting big, cousin love,  I started crossfit (love, love, love it!- cannot believe I waited so long) , Grandmother is here., work is crazy-crazy, family is near, friends are dear, Will is job searching, everyone is busy and the rain continues.....

AND Happy Birthday to Granddaddy King tomorrow. Love that man and everything he has done for his family.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013