Monday, September 27, 2010

It went DOWN...

LOW! And we had to use this.
I checked on Lydia at 2am and her BS was low, but not extremely. This has only happened one other time in the hospital, so we didn't really act fast. At 3am, we checked it again and it was extremely low. I cut open the Decorating Gel and immediately started squeezing it into those little cheeks, while Will dialed the Dr. So, after a tube of Decorating Gel and 4 vanilla wafers w/ peanut butter, her BS was back up and it was safe for her to go back to sleep.

She's still snoozing this morning and I'm enjoying some one on one time with D. She's actually helping me with this post.

Happy Monday!
Kristee and Dantz


  1. Wow, that was not a fun time at 3am! Hope she is better this morning after her long sleep. How are you? I would imagine a little sleep deprived. Hang in there Dr. Mom. Thinking about you all on this rainy day in GA.

  2. You guys have a big job ahead of you. The tension can get mighty elevated when it comes to worrying about little ones. You and Will soon will have a new normal and the tension will melt away. You'll get there as the days go by. I am so glad to hear that you all are home. Keeping you in our prayers.

  3. Man, way to handle it gal-sounds like a dynamic team to me!!!!! I am so thankful it regulated! I am thrilled that the precious brave princess is tolerating her shots/pricks so well! We are praying for you guys as all the newness is settling. :) Thanks for sharing about your journey!

  4. Oh my! How are you getting ANY sleep? Hang in there!:)

  5. You guys are true Champs! Both of your girls are so adorable and I love your blog, very good idea. I'm keeping you and your sweet little family in my thoughts and prayers. I'm sure this will only make you guys stronger. Very good job Dr. Mom.