Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Best opportunity Ever!

Let me say it again, I never thought I would be selling Rodan + Fields. I hate that I said no to selling it four years ago. Rodan and Fields are the doctors that created Proactiv. Their Reverse Regimen was a best seller in Nordstrom, but they pulled it out of retail, because they realized that people buy product from word of mouth. Their skincare lines are now sold through direct sales. I originally started doing this to pay for my product (bc I knew it was good) and to pay for my monthly crossfit. Well, after just doing this for a few short months, I've done that, plus more. (I actually just booked a Disney vacation for us from my R + F funds.) It is a win-win. I work it part-time, part-time and it makes me want to sell more, so I can work it more and maybe, do it part-time, with full-time pay. I would love nothing more than to be home with my girls again and I believe this company will allow just that. Anyway, I'm sharing all of this with you, bc if you are looking for fun money or big money, being a R+F consultant is an excellent route to take. It is NO parties or inventory, just telling people about the product. It's like owning your very own business with no risk. Check out https://kdowling.myrandf.biz to read more about it. Well connected, busy people do best! And if you are absolutely not interested in the business opportunity, (I understand, I said no for four years), then I highly recommend the products. LOVE them!

There's a product for every skin type. All products come with a 60 day, empty bottle, money back guarantee. Nothing to lose. My fav products are the microdermabrasion paste and eye cream. Everyone should be using an eye cream. https://kdowling.myrandf.com And for some reason, It will not allow me to start new paragraphs or skip spaces between sentences. :)

Monday, April 7, 2014

Dantz turns 5!

Happy Birthday, Adeline and Dantzler!
Ya'll are two, sweet five year olds. Instead of getting gifts from their friends, they asked for donations for their friend and classmate, Libby Claire. She has cancer and has to go back to Birmingham for atleast 100 days. They raised over $700.00 on Saturday.
 Please put them in your prayers.