Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend 2010!

Made it to Grandmother's Condo for a getaway!
Little Monkies!

Past our bedtime and ready to rest up for the beach on Saturday!

Perfect Day...

Picnic time..

"I'm just going to take a break, okay?"

"I love the beach!"


"Come on- let's swim"

Oh my, Daddy is snoring!

Too much Sun 'n Fun!

Duckie had to come to the beach too!

Dantz thinking she's a big girl at The Boatyard.

"Where's Ariel?"

On the way home on Sunday. Worn out!

Watching Cinderella with Honey on Sunday afternoon!

Family Time!

Adult time...

Thanks Weezer.... big hit!

Sweet sisters dancing together in their stilettos!
What a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!!


  1. Oh, how wonderful! What a long, fun-filled weekend!

  2. These picturs made me SMILE!! So fun! And if Owen could get her hands on that fru fru skirt Lydia is wearing...I'm afraid there would be no sharing.