Wednesday, October 31, 2012


The best picture of the night was of our feet. ha! Our photographer was slacking and the camera was on the wrong setting. So, I'm posting what I have from our night trick or treating with friends.

The girls had a lot of fun!  

Lalaloopsy 1

Lalaloopsy 2

Poor Dantz coughed the entire time, but it did not slow her down.  I think the fresh air did her some good. :)  She did go to the Dr this morning and was negative for strep and flu. They are treating it as a sinus infection, so hoping the meds kick in fast and we can all snooze.  We are glad with the results, especially since we are flying north tomorrow to visit Grandmother and Rob.

We are super excited about our trip and will hopefully get some good pics!

See y'all back in November!


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Our Getaway!

I was going through the pics on my phone, bc I like to delete or send pics to my email each week, I found these. I could not let such a special day go without documentation.

Will and I went to the beach last Friday night and fished all day on Saturday. It was our first out-of-town, over night, getaway, since our introduction to 'betes.(over 2 yrs folks) A HUGE THANKS TO BEA-BEA! She gets an A+ and we are so very thankful for her and her willingness to help and learn all about L's diabetes care. She deserves her own post.

Anyway, we loved our day on the water. The weather was perfect and it was super relaxing. We talked, listened to tunes and fished. I think Will has the fish pics, since I was the one catching 'em. :)


That video makes me smile big.

Now, we are ready for a TWO night getaway! hint, hint. :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lydia's Check up

L and I went to Birmingham last Monday for a 'betes check up. We got a good report and she is weighing in at 40 lbs! That's a big gain, since the 26 pounds at her diagnosis.

Her blood work this Summer identified high TSH levels, so they started her on a daily thyroid med.  The thyroid issue is  another autoimmune disease (like diabetes).  Luckily, she is a champ swallowing that pill and a half, she is currently taking each morning. 

Our prayer is for no more autoimmune diseases to follow, and there is definitely a laundry list of them.

7.2 A1C, it continues to go down. Holla!


Her tummy seems much better too! We will take that!

L, you are one amazing five year old!

Friday, October 19, 2012

We Celebrated....

Lalaloopsy Style

Gathering her precious friends to walk over for lunch and cake!

Birthday Girl was the line leader. Ya know that is a big deal in preschool.

Cute girls.... Madelyn didn't make the pic. :(

Lydia and Claire

Make a wish, sweet girl!

Cannot believe she'll be FIVE in a few, short days!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

4 years later....

I debated putting anything on here.

I thought about it earlier this afternoon and decided that I made a promise to myself, to keep his memory alive. I found a journal, over the weekend, where I had written a few random posts, after he died. Whew, talk about bringing me to my knees.

Anyway, I wrote multiple times in the journal about always remembering him. You may think how in the world could you ever forget your brother?  People it fades. I do not want it to fade. I want to remember the details. It is hard. His smile was one in a million and would light up a room. I want to always picture it. I have to make an effort to remember it every day or I'm scared that I will forget it.

So, yes, I know the day that I got the worst news of my life. And, I know the exact date of his funeral because it was the day before Lydia's first birthday. Those dates are forever in my brain, but they really do not mean much to me. Every day, I miss him. Every day, I think of him. Every day, I wish he was still here. Every day, I must keep his memory alive.

So, today this post is for you, bro!

Four years later and I still cannot believe it......


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fall Break 2012

Taking a stroll....

Resting up for Pier Park

Let's do this!

"Daddy looks really small down there"

We are getting the hang of this beach business....

October at the beach is the best!!

Get 'em L!

Sweet Aunt J!

and the sun goes down......

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Daddy-Daughter Camp Out

Saturday was such a fun, family day! We spent most of the day outside, then Will suggested a camp out for the girls in the back yard.. They immediately got excited and Lydia packed her backpack full of clothes and toys.

We grilled out and ate by candle light on the back patio. We had some tunes going and it was very relaxing. After dinner, the marshmallows came out and they ate their fair share.

They went in and out of the tent a minimum of seventy-five times. While inside the tent, it looked like it was going to collapse because they could not be still. Watching their shadows and listening to them talk, was priceless. We had to remind them several times that the tent was not a house of bricks.

Lydia asked why I was eating dinner with them and having marshmallows with them, since it was not a camp out for mommy. I made sure they knew I was just visiting. They went inside the tent for story time. I was told to go inside. I snuck back out to listen, but I could not hear anything, but I did see a lot of movement and shadows. They came inside to deliver Dantz because she wanted to sleep inside. When Daddy and Lydia went back out, Dantz wanted to go too.

After another three minutes in the tent, they came back inside.

 We tucked them into their beds and they fell fast asleep. 

Everyone slept well. :)

Friday, October 5, 2012

Here we go, October!!

We have been busy.

I've been in a funk. Let me add, a diabetes funk. This past week has been a rough one.
It likes to throw  a curve ball when we get to feeling a little too sure of ourselves. It has my full attention.

I haven't slept much in over a week.

I am ready for L to feel her best. And REAL soon!

We have an endo appointment on October 15th and it cannot get here soon enough.
I have so many questions and changes that I think need to be made. I have been doing a lot of basal changes myself and think I fixed the early am spike, but now it appears we have another one after breakfast. Sweet girl doesn't need to be 400 at school or anytime for that matter.

4 pods in one week. Ridiculous.

School is great though. I am so very, very thankful that I am there 3 of the 5 days. It helps this mama relax (alittle) to be able to walk over and check her mulitple times in a morning, when necessary.

The girls are loving school. And gymnastics.

The weeks fly by and the weekends are even faster.

Fall Break is next week and we are ready.

Here's some random pictures from my cell phone. Will be back soon!

Love y'all!

Grandmother and her girls at Memaw's 80th b'day bash!

Sue Ellen, you did a great job cheering!

My little athlete, Dantz hitting the ball. Lydia had my phone and took this.

Enjoying a beautiful afternoon outside and a freezer pop!

Cute little indian princess

All the rain hasn't slowed down Dantz machine!

L in her big girl carseat!

Dale County's 50th Anniversary, I bumped into ol' "Bobo" from Redneck Island. hahaha!!

Yuck, right??? This was just one of the many pods from this past week. It was pretty horrible.

Much cuter than last pic. Hello Kitty duct tape, who knew???