Friday, September 24, 2010

Dr. Mom

Overall, it has been a good day for Lydia. Her BS have been up really high the last two checks, so those shots of insulin have been a lot larger, than we like to give. She will actually tell you what finger she wants you to prick and gets excited when she sees the blood. She's not completely down with the shots yet, but she's not screaming either. I hope and PRAY she keeps this attitude once we get home. They seem to think we'll get to go home tomrrow and that all the changes and tweaking of insulin dosages can be done over-the-phone. We are ready to get home, but extremely nervous too. We have appreciated all of the prayers through this life changing event, but we are asking for more prayers, especially once we get home. It. is. scary. Thanks so much for being with us during this journey. Lots of love, Dr. Mom

Here's some pics from the day-

kicked back and going for a wagon ride....
"Hey Mom, I listen to your heart, okay?"

lots and lots of sugar free popsicles...

and lots of sugar free jello too!

Enjoying her yellow stethoscope that she gets to take home. Thanks Nurse Crystal!

more yummy jello...

" get me down, daddy!"

"I want to go outside"

Cool Cow with Colors...

And one last pic! We miss Tiny D SO much!! See you real soon!

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