Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen!

We went to the circus last week with some friends. The girls were super excited; however, you cannot tell from the picture below.

We walked into the big top and whew, I wasn't prepared for the stench. I looked over at Lydia and snapped a quick pic with my phone. Obviously, we were both on the same page.  Will is always telling me that my senses are too strong, but I think this could have knocked anyone down.
So, after we purchased our adult tickets, because kids get in free with an adult, we headed over to our general admission seats. Yes, we got sucked into that scam. The general admission seats were not even in eye shot, so Kristen and I decided we would bite the bullet and upgrade our seats. We forked out more dough and headed to reserved seating. Looks good, huh?
They sat in their own seats for about 5 minutes flat. Clowns started appearing and noises started happening, so both my girls ended up in my lap. Did I mention that it was already 105 degrees in the tent? Did I mention that I was wearing blue jeans with boots?
I'm not exaggerating, it was rough. We sat and we watched. Every 12 minutes I asked if they would like to sit beside me, but no such luck. I probably could have eased them into their seats at some point, but then the dang  clowns appeared again.This meant they were not moving.
Well, before the big elephant performance, they decided to have an intermission. Intermission included letting all the kids there, have a chance to pay to ride the elephants. Meanwhile, all three of us are still piled up in our one seat.
Kristen and her girls rode with us or I would have bailed at intermission. Not sure what my girls would have thought, but I would have pretended it was over. We stayed because that is what good friends and Mamas do- stay and sweat. :) 
Finally, it started back and they brought in a big ol' metal cage. I wish I would have taken a picture of the "THREE" dirt bikes in this cage all together. They were going round and round at very fast speeds. I could not take my eyes off of them. I felt nauseated, fascinated and dizzy, all at once. I think the heat and the fumes were really getting to me at this point. And then the grand finale with the cannonball.

He flew out at whatever mile per hour and the crowd cheered. I cheered too. (because it was over!) We walked outside and I could breathe and smile again!

I have made this trip to the circus sound horrible. It was for me, but it really wasn't about me. The girls thought it was great! I just think their daddy will be taking them back next time!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day Adventure

Will and I  slipped away for a full day a couple of Saturdays ago. It had been over a year for us and it was time. I took Dantz to spend the night with Aunt Cindy and Will and Lydia spent the night with Bea. Will picked me up early Saturday am and we were off for some fishin' fun.

We put the boat in the water at St Andrews Bay and it would not crank. After exchanged words and not much "Love and Respect", we headed to West Marine and got a new battery. Will popped that baby in and we were ready for our adventure to begin.
We saw dolphins, sting rays, fish galore and a couple of sharks too. It was so very peaceful. Will and I had lots of time to talk and plenty of quiet time too. Auburn was even playing and he was only getting updates via texts. :)
We fished and fished some more. We talked about his job, the girls, diabetes, us, bible study, friends, future vacations, family and it was absolutely wonderful.
Check out the little fella below. A fish with wings, maybe?  We did not catch any keepers, but I am pretty certain that is not what this day was all about; however, it would have been a nice bonus.
There's always next time for more fishin' though. I hooked several trout, but none were long enough to fillet up and fry. We were catching fish left and right, which added a lot of excitement to our time together.
It was a beautiful day, but as the day went on, it got hot. Will decided to cool off, but I continued to sweat. I had not forgotten about Jaws and his little baby brother that swam by earlier. Will jumped in anyway, against
my advice.

It was the most perfect day date that we have had  in very long time!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Will's post on September 21, 2010

When I think of September 21, 2010, there are a few words that come immediately to my mind. Fear, Anxiety, Anger, Desperation, Helplessness. Our little girl just shy of her third birthday had been battling her body right before our eyes. It had gone unnoticed for the most part, her irritable whining was attributed to lingering cold symptoms, her seemingly slender build we deduced was from her getting  taller, and  excessive trips to the potty were dismissed because she was just learning and we thought she was showing off. Then we witnessed an excessive thirst. Lydia was just tall enough to reach the water dispenser in the refrigerator door. Four to Five times a night, immediately after being tucked in and lights out she would come bounding down the hall with a thirst that could not be put out. We assumed, like most parents would have, it was a play for attention, but that was before a quick search on WEB MD.

Extreme thirst is a symptom of High Blood Sugar related to Diabetes. It all made sense, the symptoms seemed textbook, and anyway Diabetes is not such a big deal, right? The one thing  I was sure of was that it would only take a simple test to confirm or deny what I already knew deep down in my gut. We took Lydia to our Pediatrician and explained our observations and asked her to rule out Diabetes. Lydia was not happy with the finger pricks, that she would all too soon accept as routine. I remember the first result was inconclusive and it seemed as if the nurse was confused. I began to think,  "How can this be?". Kristee and I wanted an up or down answer. The nurse came back in and took another sample, this time with a different meter. The first one was not capable of reading extraordinary blood sugars. The Doctor came in and told us, "You have a very sick girl."  and confirmed her Blood Sugar as eight times the normal count for a little girl with a fully functioning pancreas. For me there was a mixture of anxiety and relief. Anxiety in, "What do we do now?" and Relief in an absolute diagnosis with a course of action. Kristee and I shared a few tears but were becoming bound together around Lydia.
Over the course of the next few days, Kristee and I were wracked with emotions, sleepless nights, short fuses and in the middle of that immersing ourselves in Diabetes Education. When I reflect on this anniversary, it is not a celebration but a time of Thanksgiving. I am thankful for the wisdom of the Medical Professionals, the unwavering support of family and friends, but especially for Lydia's courage and spirit. Our family has grown closer. Kristee and I have drawn closer together than I thought possible  before Diabetes. Even Dantzler is quick to defend Lydia and practices "Pretend Diabetes Management".   It is truly a family affair. It makes me ask, "Is Diabetes the diagnosis? Or the prescription?".  Just a thought. 

It has been ONE year!

Wow, it has been a full year since the big "betes" diagnosis.  It turned our world upside down and some days it still does.

Has it gotten any easier? Yes

Are there days we can't beat it and no matter what equation or carb ratio we use, we just cannot get her numbers right? Yes

Could we not make it without these? No, "circle snacks" treat many lows around here.

She will eat them during her sleep... Can you say, AWESOME?!

Do we worry 24/7 and check her 10 to 12 times per day? Yes and will continue to do so, especially after the sad news I read yesterday about a 14 year old with diabetes.

Are we tired? Yes, super tired.

But, our sweet Lydia's life was saved last September 21st and we are forever thankful for that! She was sick and now she is  better.

We have the tools to manage this disease and we are giving it our all.

We would hand it back over in a heartbeat, if we could, but we would also pick it over some others, for sure!

So, we are celebrating today! Here's to you, Lydia and all your extra sugar!

And Dantz gets to join the celebration because as Lydia says, "Dantz is a pretend diabetic"

Monday, September 19, 2011

Little Tumblers

"Thank you, GRANDMOTHER!"

These two gymnasts were wide open for a solid hour. They were in two different classes, but got to hang together the last twenty minutes. Don't they look cute in their "tards"?

They had a ball and what a way to unload some energy before lunch.

Hello Naptime!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

This and That

Molly and Dolly Dowling

The fish are still alive....

Field peas ready for the freezer

Dantz in the country with Daddy

Running in mud is fun stuff

especially when you get fully involved
Still sporting "blue one" daily

Is your Mama a Llama?

Happy 35th Birthday, Grant!

Big Al was at Grant's party too!


Ring around the Rosie

Grant and Aunt Sara showing their moves

Memaw teaching me and Anna a few ones

Whoop, there it is!!!

Lots of Goobers

Lydia helped pick off peanuts for 2 minutes

Dantz helped for 2 minutes and 50 seconds! :)

Life is busy and good! The girls are getting bigger every day and teaching me so much.  The weather has been so nice, especially in the mornings and we are taking full advantage of it. If you need us, we will most likely be in the backyard.
Happy Early Fall Y'all!