Monday, January 30, 2012

Beware- bandages are off!

And here's the shark attack!!

Seriously, don't freak people, it looks so much better, if you can see past the cuts. Will said my shin looks two times smaller than it did, since the veins are gone. (now he tells me)

I am doing good though. It is angry and tender in a few spots, but I am being extra careful. Each day is better. I see exercise and shorts in my near future. :)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Alive and Well....

Thanks to everyone for all the emails, texts and messages on Facebook. I felt all of your thoughts and prayers yesterday. I was so nervous in the days leading to my surgery, but as I hung out in the holding room yesterday, waiting to go into surgery, I was as cool and calm as a cucumber.

I'm a bit uncomfortable but all in all, not too miserable. The surgery ended up taking three hours (he  originally said 45 mins to an hour) and he made 58 incisions. (he had originally said about 20) Will is hoping they are not billing us by the hour. ha!

Anyway, I am all bandaged up and cannot see what was done, but hoping it was successful.

Thanks again for all the well wishes!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Once Upon A Time.....

  My legs looked like this.
St George Island, May 2005

The varicose veins started appearing while pregnant with Lydia. Then, while Dantz was hanging out in my tummy, the veins got out of control. I am sure being pregnant for two straight years did not help, and anymore pregnancies would have made them blow.

I attemped a laser procedure two years ago and it was a bust.

It is kinda hard not wearing shorts and dresses during the Summer in South Alabama. And when I do get over myself and sport either, people star at my leg, like crazy. I am not joking. Kids ask me what is on my leg while at the pool and my sweet Dantz loves to kiss my veins and say, "Ouchie".

Over Thanksgiving, I went to see Dr. William Veale. While examining my leg he said, "remarkable", "truly remarkable".

So, tomorrow it is all going down! I am scheduled for a Stab Phlebectomy. (you would think they would come up with a different name) Basically, he will make over twenty small incisions in my right leg and pull the veins out. Sounds pretty disgusting and I promise, you do not want to look at the picturse on the world wide web. I am prepared for the shark attack, I think.

Anyway, I would love your thoughts and prayers tomorrow morning! I pray that it all goes well and that I am not too uncomfortable in the days to follow. I pray that it heals properly and that this procedure works!

Please note- I do not expect my leg to ever look like the first picture, so please don't either. :-)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Paci Update

As you can see the no paci is going quite well......

Now we have two thumb suckers. 

Monday, January 16, 2012

River Trip 2012

The girls are ready to wet a hook!

Dantz was serious about it

Lydia not so much....

It's really a shame we couldn't entertain her with a bunch of junk food, while we fished. :)

I think Will has himself a little fishin' partner!

Time to take it the dry land

It was a quick trip to the river for an afternoon adventure.. We took a boat ride, did a little fishin' and stopped to visit with Uncle Gerald.

Too bad the Log Cabin Restaurant was extremely crowded or it would have ended just right. Next time.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Dantz D is a big girl!

Our Little Dantz machine has been sleeping her with her paci and "duckie" since she was born. She loves them both!

This past Friday as we were rushing out the door to head to the park, I went back inside to grab paci, duckie and Lydia's lammie. I could not find her paci anywhere, so we rolled onto the park without it. She wasn't going to use it at the park, but it does offer a quiet ride.

This paci is serious business. I called Will and said, if you stop by the house during lunch, will you look for paci and put it on her bed because we will be at the park until naptime. He sent me a text later that read, no luck with paci.

I decided not to leave the park for naps because I wasn't ready for the drama that was about to go down. I know some of you are reading this and thinking, seriously she is almost three, take that dang thing away!

Anyway, we came home from the park around 4 o'clock and she was tired, out of control and wanting that paci, BAD. We pushed through. Sweet Bea-Bea showed up with a handful of back ups, but I  decided that she had gone from mid-morning until almost bedtime without it. I couldn't think of a better time to say bye-bye to it.

She whined and couldn't go to sleep immediately and Lydia was ready to snooze. I put her in the bed with me. I read, we held hands and she dozed off to sleep.  (WITH NO PACI) 

I'd like to report that she has gone three nights and three naps without it and hasn't asked for it since "early" Saturday morning. Our sweet baby girl is a big girl. (which makes this mama sad)

Yay for Dantz!

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Yes, we are still getting our Omnifit on! It is pretty addictive and maybe not like Pinterest, but in it's own way. Don't you want to come join us?

We meet at Westgate on Sundays at 4:15p. Tuesday and Thursdays at 6:15p. There is also a 5 am class on Mon, Wed and Friday mornings at Calvary Baptist.

Starting tomorrow we will have a 9 am class on Monday and Fridays at Westgate.

Omnifit is fun for the entire family!

And I promise if you join me on Monday and Friday mornings that there won't be any pictures taken like this!

Let's Glorify God and encourage each other in all that we do! See you there! :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Apple Bottom Jeans

Monday and Tuesday were cold. We were cooped up inside and sometimes it gets crazy in here. When that happens, we have to crank up the tunes and let it all out. You just gotta find what works for you.

She hit the flo.......

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Betes in 2012

Lydia woke up high the other morning. I went ahead and gave her a shot. I hate highs. I got my flashlight and looked through the tiny window on her pod. It didn't look good, so I took the pod off and found this. This is a picture of her stomach.

I cannot even count the number of times that I have heard that the insulin pump will make our lives so much easier.

Convenient yes, easier no.

The pump doesn't handle it all for us. We are completely in charge of her insulin delivery and I would be lying if I said we always know what we are doing. Some meals and snacks are "swags"! (scientific wild a** guesses) Example: 17 carbs on a package doesn't necessarily require insulin to cover 17 carbs. Sometimes it requires more, some times less.

I'll say this, Lydia will be on top of her game sooner rather than later.

She reminds us that we need to check her blood sugar before meals and snacks.

Every morning when coffee maker beeps while shutting off, she asks if her pod is expired. (she thinks it is her pod beeping)

She asks every morning if it has been three days because she knows on day three that we have to change sites.

She says, "I'm shaky!" when she is low.

She is constantly asking how many carbs are in her foods. "How many carbs are in this apple?"

She also likes to ask, "Mama, am I high or am I low?" ha!

Her little mind is thinking about her diabetes often.
And yes, she can eat this.....

My goal in 2012 is to have her checking her own blood sugar and reading the numbers on the screen to us and her teachers.

Anyone recommend a good lancing device that would be easier than others for her little hands to use?

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy Birthday and New Year!

I had a great birthday week! I love to joke with Will and call it my "birthday week", but why shouldn't it be. I have to share it with the holidays and everyone still feels festive, so I take full advantage of getting folks gathered for birthday cheer.
Super cute and yummy birthday cake that the girls picked out for me!

Let me just say that I did not marry WD because of his gift giving. I am completely confident in saying that it is not his love language.  I know this, but still when I unwrapped my pretty pink gift on my birthday morning, I was not expecting this.  I even had a friend ask him if he needed any help with a purchase. He said he had gotten a well thought out gift and wrapped it with love. If you are wondering why a headlight, he thought it might be handy for me to use while checking Lydia during the night. 
Moving on because it is best for everyone..... :)

We went to the beach to ring in the New Year with Mom, Rob and nieces. We headed to Pier Park, Saturday night to watch the fireworks. It was great fun! Mom was smiling from ear to ear the entire time because she had all of us there together.
Will, Dantz and Sue Ellen stepping it out

The girls watching fireworks with Grandmother

attempting a grandmother and granddaughter pic

this little dude decided that he was taking Emma's beach ball. Lydia cried earlier because he took hers.
 Dantz handled him later.

Happy 2012, Hip Hop Emma!
Sunday arrived and we were all sad to see Grandmother and Rob go. They had a big drive ahead of them and left us behind at the beach. We made a picnic lunch and took a boat ride with the girls. They absolutely loved it! A big wave came over the front of the boat and it could have really been bad. Luckily, Lydia started laughing and saying how silly it was and then Dantz followed suit. Whew!!! We were soaked and they were still happy.
Will and I even managed to wet a line or two while the girls "walked the plank" on the boat. Totally unbelievable that neither went overboard.
Lydia looking for fish

Dantz, our little pirate

I love new beginnings and fresh starts. Here's to 2012.

Happy New Year, Y'all!!

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

I am so far behind on posts that it is hard to even know where to start. We made so many wonderful memories with family and friends during the holidays. We had a very merry and happy Christmas! Here's just a few pictures....
Making cookies for Santa

Grandmother helping Lydia get started on her cookies

Sweet Sue Ellen helping Dantz

Lots of visits to Bea-Bea and Papa's during the holidays for fun and naps

Took Dantz, Lydia, SE and Emma to the shop to see the King Clan. Grandmama King put them to work! :)

Letting out some last minute energy before the Christmas Eve service at Church

I think those polka dots made L happy

Dantz getting some gloss

Our sweet, little familiy lighting the Advent Candle at the Christmas Eve service.

"I'm ready to do this"

Thanks Grandmama and Rob for our cool new "computers"!

To Will From Santa

Heavenly Peace

Wow! Thanks, Santa!
Christmas Morning enjoying the castle and tunnel from Caddy. Huge hit!

uh-oh, somebody woke up too early Christmas morning and had to go back to bed.