Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011

Trailer load of cuties!

1st house- I think we can handle this candy business!

Where's Dantz? She went inside while everyone else is on the porch. :)

2 Princesses trick or treating and telling the sweet lady, "thank you"
"Can I trick or treat next year when I'm 5?"

"I got some more candy!"

Alright, let's call it a night. This is getting spooky!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Yay for Lydia!

Lydia and I headed to Birmingham around 1pm last Tuesday. To say the drive up was long, is an understatement. Will had gotten me new tires,  and we were not traveling so smoothly. I stopped at Jim Whaley in Ozark and they told me it would take about thirty minutes for them to do their business. (that always means "after" they start)

We were in Jim Whaley during what should have been Lydia's nap. When we got back on the road, she had zero desire to close her eyes. I saw a Red Box in Troy and whipped in to get  a couple of movies for the ride. While at Red Box, I decided to do a quick blood sugar check since we were off schedule. That is when I realized I did not have "THE" diabetes bag. My heart fell to my feet and I immediately knew that it was at Jim Whaley Tire. I called them to confirm and we headed south.

I wanted to call and cancel her appointment so bad and just go home. I was tired and frustrated. I didn't though. My sweet friend that lives in Birmingham was expecting us and we were long overdue for a visit. Plus, it is hard to get a new appointment in a timely matter.

We made it to Birmingham  after the bag incident. We walked to dinner with Jessica and her little boy, Michael and had a wonderful time catching up. (the margaritas didn't hurt either) The kids had a blast playing together, even way after bedtime.

Lydia's appointment was at 8:30 the next morning, so we got up early for her check-up.

We spent half the morning talking to the doctor and letting them help me work out some changes. It is so encouraging there. We changed her basal rate, carb ratio and her correction factor- together. The doctor doesn't just do it, she completely involves us. I love that.  I even asked for a new insulin  (Apidra) that I had read about that would help drop highs faster and we left with some samples.  After two hours with Dr. Ashraf and her staff, we were back on the road again.

We made a  pitstop for lunch, then Lydia slept all the way home. I just drove in silence and listened to some tunes. It was so nice and peaceful.

Dr. Ashraf asked Lydia if she would let us put a pod on her stomach, very soon. Lydia told her no, then later said she would try it. Lydia's stomach has been off limits. Anytime we would mention a shot in the stomach or putting a pod there, she would start screaming and crying. We haven't pressed it, ever.

Until today. It wasn't what I would call smooth and easy, but it could have been a lot worse. She told me to take a picture and send it to Dr. Ashraf. :)
She is so proud of herself and wanted to call and tell her daddy right away.

Then, we loaded up and headed to Petsmart for a field trip.

(Yes, she is still sporting blue one and if anyone wants to stop by and hold this little booger or borrow her for a little while,  feel free. Let's just say, I checked her blood sugar tonight, just to be sure)

Night Friends and Family!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lydia's 4!!!

Happy 4th Birthday to our sweet baby pumpkin!!

Doing a little dance at her gymnastics party with friends


Let's do this!

and you turn yourself around... that's what it's all about!

Happy Birthday, Dear Lydia, Happy Birthday to you! Cannot believe our munchkin is already four. She really does amaze us every day. Her imagination is something else, she is brave, smart, funny and a total princess! We love you, Lydia!

I had to add this picture of Dantz in her new "hip hop tard" from Grandmother! Cracks me up!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Three years later and still missing you....

This week has been tough. The ride to Birmingham with lots of radio time and time to think was rough. Lack of sleep was hard. Hormones on top of it all, terrible.  I miss my brother. This week three years ago he left his life on earth. I want to remember him always.

So.... I had to post a blog about him.

My dad, his twin brother and my granddaddy have been in the trucking business since before I was born. Brandy and I both had CB handles at a very early age. I remember us playing in the trucks, or cleaning the windows in them together. We were always told not to play on the CB. We did anyway and Brandy was Bocephus and I was Special K. I can hear him right now saying, Breaker-Breaker 1-9, talk to Bocephus one time. We would laugh so hard at ourselves and hear the truckers carrying on about the young kids on the CB.  Then we had to hurry and disappear because we knew we were about to get caught.

To say he was a Hank, jr fan at an early age is an understatement. He had all the records, then later the CDs. I never cared too much for ol' Hank and I am pretty sure Brandy knew that, which made him play the music even more.

This song was played during the slideshow at his funeral. I saw Hank, jr at Bama Jam year before last and he played it. I vividly remember standing there and wanting my brother by my side more than anything.  I had about four messages or texts from friends that were there too and immediately thought of Brandy. While looking on You Tube, I chose the Alan and Hank version because, I prefer Alan. :)

This is for you, bro! Love you!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pictures for Days

This girl is awesome! Last night around 9pm she came stomping out of her room and told me she was low. Guess what? I checked her and she most certainly was low. I wanted to jump up and down with joy! We are making some huge betes progress with this girl.
Super Proud of you, L!
A couple of Friday nights ago, we headed to Hunt's to celebrate Papa's BIG retirement. As always, it is so much fun when we gather to eat, talk and laugh together.

And it was definitely a bonus that Barkley just so happened to be in town on Papa's last work day. The Reds always have a large time together. I will say that I completely lucked up in the sister-in-law department.

A special packaged arrived last week that was full of children's books. The girls absolutely love Tim and Sally and often pretend to be Tim and Sally. (of course, Dantzler is always tagged as Tim)
They immediately started flipping through and checking out their new books. Let's just say they sat in my lap for quite sometime that afternoon listening to me read to them.  The McFatters follow our blog and what thoughtful and sweet people they are to send such  wonderful keepsakes.

And each and every book is signed by the author (which so happens to be Mrs. McFatter's brother). Thanks SO much! 

A real princess came to visit us last week. Sweet Sue Ellen is Little Miss Wicksburg and has the Little Miss Peanut Pageant coming up on  Saturday. Family came over for dinner and dessert to wish her lots of luck. She is beautiful on the inside and out and is already a winner to us!
"Caddy" helping SE with her banner/sash. (is that what it is called? I never sported one, just miss congeniality too many times to count- which means sweet, but ugly, JK!)

Lots of helpers to assist with all the treasures she received....

This is "Honey Bear" and he spent the weekend with us. He belongs to Lydia's Preschool class and the kids get assigned weekends with him. We had to keep a diary of the weekend and send pictures back to school of the two of them together.  She loved on this bear for three days. (don't think I didn't throw him in the washing machine, just for safe measure)

She wasn't  too thrilled that Dantzler was digging "Honey Bear" too. He survived a few tug-of-wars and I'm happy to report that I didn't have to pull out the needle and thread.
Honey Bear in a tutu

Honey, Lawson and Tucker came back for another visit last weekend! Law just turned 15 and we had a small birthday celebration after their big dove shoot.

What a great weekend to kick off Fall Break. The rain has been coming down all week, so finally we saw some blue skies today. We headed to  Landmark Park to meet some friends for play time and a picnic. 
We might have to let her hair grow, a little too much tude with the new 'do

I should have split this up into three different blogs, sorry.  I've been too busy "pinning" to blog, but I am working on my Pinterest addiction.  Love y'all!