Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hump Day

Check out L's new snazzy bag!

It's hump day and we are still battling the insulin war. We were having a really good morning yesterday and then her BS was off-the-meter high at 5:30p. We called the doctor and they instructed we give her insulin prior to dinner, so we did. She ate, then we checked her BS again a couple of hours later. It was still 500 plus, so we continued to sweat. Around 9:30, we checked it again and it had dropped into the 400 range, so we gave her insulin and prayed that it would keep going down. Slowly, but surely it did. At 2am it was 164. (which is good, but we were concerned it would continue to drop fast in her sleep) It did. This morning I woke her up and it was 71. So, as you can see we're on a roller coaster ride. The good news, God is with us on this ride.

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  1. What a roller coaster ride it is! I'm so thankful you and Will were able to go through training together to now allow you the opportunity to lean on one another when decisions must be made. I'm sure it can and will be be scary on occoasions as you are getting more comfortable with your new normal. I'm so proud of Dr. Mom and Dr. Dad. You guys are playing some awesome defense!