Friday, September 24, 2010

Mid-Day Friday

Real quick before the bell rings and I have to report back to class...It's easier and faster for me to post on this then try to answer all the texts and emails; however, keep them coming bc I deeply appreciate all of them. It's so nice to glance at my phone during class and see a bible verse that someone sent in a text or a hang in there message. Thanks to everyone!

We will be here another night or so. They are still tweaking Lydia's insulin and trying to control her blood sugar(BS). Every BS check is different- BS could be right on target at one check and then 3 hrs later it'll be 500 plus. I never knew there was so much involved in being a diabetic. My apologies to everyone that has it because I just thought you took insulin and then went on about your business. Boy, oh boy was I WRONG! I feel like I'm studying to get into Med School or something. It is a lot, but it's making more and more sense. We have been in class since 8:30 this morning and just broke for lunch. We are so glad Grandmother is here to stay with Lydia while we are getting educated.

Lydia's spirits are still high. She hasn't felt as good this morning, but continues to be a good sport about all of the pricks and shots. We are officially administering all of these to her.

Gotta run but will be back later... Love y'all!!


  1. A hearty "hang in there" shout out from here! I am so proud of all the WLDjrs and especially sweet "Lydia Laree".
    We miss you and are praying for you as you absorb everything you're having the chance to learn.
    Dantzler is doing well and looking forward to another cousin visit this afternoon.
    Love and hugs!

  2. Oh Kristee, I'm so glad you and WIll are getting all the information that you need from the experts! You all have been on mind and in my prayers so much in the last 48+ hours. I'm so thankful for medicine and the education that you and will now are equipped with to get & keep that sweet angel healthy!! Love you all!!

  3. Kristee, y'all AMAZE ME! I choked up reading that y'all are now doing all the pricks and Praying God will strengthen you both and give you His peace. Hang in there, friend!

    With love!