Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lydia's Check up

L and I went to Birmingham last Monday for a 'betes check up. We got a good report and she is weighing in at 40 lbs! That's a big gain, since the 26 pounds at her diagnosis.

Her blood work this Summer identified high TSH levels, so they started her on a daily thyroid med.  The thyroid issue is  another autoimmune disease (like diabetes).  Luckily, she is a champ swallowing that pill and a half, she is currently taking each morning. 

Our prayer is for no more autoimmune diseases to follow, and there is definitely a laundry list of them.

7.2 A1C, it continues to go down. Holla!


Her tummy seems much better too! We will take that!

L, you are one amazing five year old!

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  1. so thankful for a good report! We'll be praying for other autoimmune diseases to stay far far far away from your family. Miss seeing you!