Friday, October 5, 2012

Here we go, October!!

We have been busy.

I've been in a funk. Let me add, a diabetes funk. This past week has been a rough one.
It likes to throw  a curve ball when we get to feeling a little too sure of ourselves. It has my full attention.

I haven't slept much in over a week.

I am ready for L to feel her best. And REAL soon!

We have an endo appointment on October 15th and it cannot get here soon enough.
I have so many questions and changes that I think need to be made. I have been doing a lot of basal changes myself and think I fixed the early am spike, but now it appears we have another one after breakfast. Sweet girl doesn't need to be 400 at school or anytime for that matter.

4 pods in one week. Ridiculous.

School is great though. I am so very, very thankful that I am there 3 of the 5 days. It helps this mama relax (alittle) to be able to walk over and check her mulitple times in a morning, when necessary.

The girls are loving school. And gymnastics.

The weeks fly by and the weekends are even faster.

Fall Break is next week and we are ready.

Here's some random pictures from my cell phone. Will be back soon!

Love y'all!

Grandmother and her girls at Memaw's 80th b'day bash!

Sue Ellen, you did a great job cheering!

My little athlete, Dantz hitting the ball. Lydia had my phone and took this.

Enjoying a beautiful afternoon outside and a freezer pop!

Cute little indian princess

All the rain hasn't slowed down Dantz machine!

L in her big girl carseat!

Dale County's 50th Anniversary, I bumped into ol' "Bobo" from Redneck Island. hahaha!!

Yuck, right??? This was just one of the many pods from this past week. It was pretty horrible.

Much cuter than last pic. Hello Kitty duct tape, who knew???


  1. What cuties you have! So glad your girl is feeling better! I have a special needs child myself so I feel your pain.

  2. so sorry about the rough week! mine last week was too..ran high all day one day and ended up having to change my site too! good for you adjusting basal rates on your own! i do it all the time your endo appt at childrens? wish there was a was i could finally meet ya'll when you come up!!