Wednesday, October 31, 2012


The best picture of the night was of our feet. ha! Our photographer was slacking and the camera was on the wrong setting. So, I'm posting what I have from our night trick or treating with friends.

The girls had a lot of fun!  

Lalaloopsy 1

Lalaloopsy 2

Poor Dantz coughed the entire time, but it did not slow her down.  I think the fresh air did her some good. :)  She did go to the Dr this morning and was negative for strep and flu. They are treating it as a sinus infection, so hoping the meds kick in fast and we can all snooze.  We are glad with the results, especially since we are flying north tomorrow to visit Grandmother and Rob.

We are super excited about our trip and will hopefully get some good pics!

See y'all back in November!


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