Sunday, October 7, 2012

Daddy-Daughter Camp Out

Saturday was such a fun, family day! We spent most of the day outside, then Will suggested a camp out for the girls in the back yard.. They immediately got excited and Lydia packed her backpack full of clothes and toys.

We grilled out and ate by candle light on the back patio. We had some tunes going and it was very relaxing. After dinner, the marshmallows came out and they ate their fair share.

They went in and out of the tent a minimum of seventy-five times. While inside the tent, it looked like it was going to collapse because they could not be still. Watching their shadows and listening to them talk, was priceless. We had to remind them several times that the tent was not a house of bricks.

Lydia asked why I was eating dinner with them and having marshmallows with them, since it was not a camp out for mommy. I made sure they knew I was just visiting. They went inside the tent for story time. I was told to go inside. I snuck back out to listen, but I could not hear anything, but I did see a lot of movement and shadows. They came inside to deliver Dantz because she wanted to sleep inside. When Daddy and Lydia went back out, Dantz wanted to go too.

After another three minutes in the tent, they came back inside.

 We tucked them into their beds and they fell fast asleep. 

Everyone slept well. :)

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