Friday, April 15, 2011


Will left after church on Sunday to go to Albany to do this.
He has been there all week working and is coming home around noon today. We are READY! There's a house full of girls that miss this man.

We are all packed and ready to head here..

but there's a fever in the house. BOO!  One little girl woke up at 3am saying "Beach" and the other woke up at 5am saying "Mama". So, we are playing the waiting game.  We told our 8am ride to roll on and we would touch base with them later. I'm hoping and praying we can touch base on the way down.

Regardless, it's the weekend.

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  1. Saying a prayer for that fever to flee 'cause you need to get yourself to the BEACH! Notice I said "yourself" so if you need to take off down there all alone, well, you know :)