Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Four of Us!

We went to the beach with fevers and all. We decided on Friday afternoon that we would just head to Mom's condo and see how L felt the next morning. Well, Dantz woke up with a fever, so it confirmed our decision to hang as a family and call our sweet friends and ask for a next time. Neither girl felt great, but we'd get a pop of energy from each, every now and again. (usually not at the same time)

We headed to the beach Saturday am and it was double red flags. The wind was kickin', so we got fully involved in some kite action.
It was a beautiful day, if the wind could have held off just a bit. It was blowing about 30 mph and we knew the kite business wasn't going to last long. Lydia was entertained for much longer than D. She held her's tight and really thought she was something.

Will got Dantzler's up and going pretty good and she decided to let go. They both took off after it. It was quite cute to me, but I wasn't the one doing the running. Will just kept chasing it and I probably would have said, "bye-bye kite", but he brought it back for another go.
Then it started looking like this.... We talked about Ariel being in the waves and what the Sea Witch might be up to, but they were fizzling fast and it wasn't even lunch time. We knew that a picnic would be impossible in the sand. So, we packed up.
And took our lunch poolside. They caught a second wind and were loving the swimming pool. It was so cute to watch. (Chlorine kills all the germs, right?)
The water was COLD! I didn't even attempt to get in. I sat in a chaise lounge and soaked up some rays.
And helped Will keep an eye on one little girl and I'm not naming any names, but she's fearless! It was time for naps and they were beat. We put them down to snooze and we sat outside with our adult beverages and chatted for over two hours. It was good stuff and had been way too long. After they woke up, Will took them back to the pool.  And I chilled...

We went to dinner that night at Longhorn of all places. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan, but not at the beach. It's a long story how it happened, but those of you with kids know, when the clock is ticking and they are tired, you've got to act fast. So, Longhorn it was... I think the picture below is me reminding Will that I sure did want some good, fresh seafood. (as I was eating chopped steak)
Sunday, after breakfast and coffee, Sweet Will took them to the playground for some more fun. They were gone for over an hour and I just took it easy. Isn't it so nice to be away from home with nothing to do, but chill. I definitely think we should slip away more often.

They came back and scooped me up and we all headed back for round 2 at the pool. Again, I watched from the sidelines. They were having a ball, Will included.  It's already confirmed that he's the "fun one".
Life is crazy. I was so disappointed on Friday when we couldn't go to the beach with our friends for the weekend.  But, other than the girls being sick (and us not getting much sleep), the weekend was perfect with just the four of us!

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  1. So glad y'all went and made the most of the fever bug (and that you got some "me" time). LOVE that pic of you at Longhorn! You are looking sassy about your seafood! :)