Monday, April 11, 2011

Some Kind of Weekend!

We had a little birthday celebration on Friday afternoon/evening for Dantzler. Rolen's made the super cute monkey cake. (btw, Friday evenings are the way to go bc you get to have fun, fellowship and then it's over for the weekend. :)

Birthday Girl and Boy! Happy 4th Birthday Riggs!

They got cozy in their new sleeping bags on Saturday am. Thanks Aunt Cindy.

Will took them for a ride to the country, while I put the house back together Saturday morning.

Lydia getting serious with it.

Nice one!

Riggs had a great tennis birthday party on Saturday. Lydia wasn't so sure about tennis, but she did look cute!

Coolin' Off

Go Girls!

Dantz, I promise to get you a new "water suit" before we to public.  This is suppose to be a tankini but it's a bikini by mistake. ha!

"Wow, we had some kind of weekend, didn't we sister?"


  1. They are so cute!!!! Love the last shot of them in the pink chairs. Precious!

  2. Great weekend! Love all the cute pics!