Monday, April 4, 2011

Punky and Princess

Punky and Princess are precious but they are a handful. I know all kids are, but I've decided that there is a meltdown here every seven minutes. I would not trade them for anything and love them more than I ever knew was possible, but they almost admitted me to a psych ward on Saturday morning. Thank goodness, Sissy and Bea- Bea came to the rescue and took Punky off of my hands for several hours.
We do have a lot of fun together and they make me laugh every single day. It is hard though. All of you mamas out there know what I'm talking about.
They are two of the sweetest sisters and they love playing together. They also have quite a few fights too. One tends to aggravate the other just a bit much. Isn't there always one? I'm not calling any names though.
Their personalities are night and day and it just floors me at how they are so different. I love it though because it's a good mix.
They are already best friends and it melts my heart. You should hear their conversations especially Princess talking to Punky. "Hey Dantz, want to go to the beach with me?" "Hey Dantz, want some lipstick?"

We are asked often if they are twins. I think they favor, but they look so different to me too. What do y'all think?

I don't know if you can see the sign above Punky's bed (and yes, she's big now), but it's so sweet to me. It says.. Sister.. Will You..Play Dress Up..Let Me Be The Princess..Tell Stories In The Dark..Always Be My Friend?  Love, Love, Love it because it is so perfect. They love playing dress up together and now that they are sharing a room, the giggling at bedtime is SO special. (most nights)

Sweet Sisters!


  1. LOVE that sign! And your girls are so precious! I love the bed time giggling, too - most of the time. And I know what you mean about the "gettin' on nerves!" I've had my "should have been sent to the psych ward" moments, too. I remember one, in particular, after Little Man was born - I TOTALLY lost it. I'll never forget Sister and the Engineer just sitting on the sofa staring at me like, "WHO are you???" :) Hang in there, sweet friend!

  2. :) I love it!! I know EXACTLY what you mean!! I will say though I can't STAND Caillou!!! He whines too stinking much and that makes me just want to slap him!! Probably shouldn't say that to all the web world....I may be headed to the psych ward next!! ;)

  3. I grew up with two sisters and I loved and hated them so many times I could never count them all. But, the truth is I ended with love... although it took awhile. The one thing I KNOW is that every memory from my childhood(good and bad) my sisters are smack dab in the middle of which I am so happy about! OK, now I'm crying!!!