Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Field Trip!

We took a field trip to Landmark Park this afternoon. Five minutes after we arrived, Dantzler got her head stuck in the fence. It really was tricky trying to get it out and she was not happy.
She wouldn't relax, so I could help her. Luckily, we managed to work it out and were able to check out more animals besides just the mule. The girls were really interested in the pigs.....
"Dantz, those pigs keep tooting" "Dantz, Did you hear it?"

They are so funny together. Lydia talks Dantzler's ear off and D just follows her where ever she goes. Finally, got them away from the pigs (thank goodness bc they were stinky) and checked out the rams.
"Billy Goat Gruff"

The Moo Cow was a bit too close for my comfort, but Lydia didn't seem to mind.

Bye-Bye Moo Cow!

Lydia feeding "Elbert" the goat.

She has a fresh egg in hand. Dantz threw hers and said, "don't like it" :(

It was a great adventure and a beautiful day!

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  1. We LOVE Landmark and the weather was PERFECT yesterday!! This makes we wanna go now. ;)