Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's En Route!

This is the Omnipod and it's officially en route to us.  I got word today from the company that they finally got all the information they need  from Lydia's doctor/nurses and Will's insurance company. We have been dotting a lot of i's and crossing a lot of t's these past few weeks, so I was beyond thrilled to get the call today. An answer to SO many prayers and a big thanks to all of you!!

This device just blows my mind.  It got our vote mainly because it is tubeless and there's no risk of tubes getting twisted while sleeping or getting pulled out of the skin from playing, sleeping, etc. Another great factor is the "pricey" part not being on her body, but in our hands. The wireless remote is on the left above and it will control it all. We will use it to check her blood sugar (still by pricking her finger) and to input the doses that she needs at meals and throughout the day.  (those doses will take the place of SHOTS. hallelujah!) The pod is the egg shaped device that Lydia will wear on her body. It has a needle that will insert into her skin and the insulin will flow from the "egg" into her body. My baby's pancreas will be the "egg". joking, sort of.

This bad boy will arrive by the end of the week. We will have to schedule another trip or two to Birmingham before we are officially up and running with it. Will keep you posted on our new journey.


  1. I am SOOO happy for y'all! This is HUGE!!!

  2. yay for technology!! ;) I know this will be a HUGE help to y'all!