Wednesday, September 14, 2011

This and That

Molly and Dolly Dowling

The fish are still alive....

Field peas ready for the freezer

Dantz in the country with Daddy

Running in mud is fun stuff

especially when you get fully involved
Still sporting "blue one" daily

Is your Mama a Llama?

Happy 35th Birthday, Grant!

Big Al was at Grant's party too!


Ring around the Rosie

Grant and Aunt Sara showing their moves

Memaw teaching me and Anna a few ones

Whoop, there it is!!!

Lots of Goobers

Lydia helped pick off peanuts for 2 minutes

Dantz helped for 2 minutes and 50 seconds! :)

Life is busy and good! The girls are getting bigger every day and teaching me so much.  The weather has been so nice, especially in the mornings and we are taking full advantage of it. If you need us, we will most likely be in the backyard.
Happy Early Fall Y'all! 

1 comment:

  1. Once again those girls are adorable and their personalities show right through the lens. Aww, I miss Grant, we all know he can bust a move. Give him a hug from BB next time you see him. Sincerely, Belinda