Thursday, September 1, 2011


I have been pretty okay with Lydia going to preschool two days a week. (pretty okay meaning I have a nervous feeling in my tummy the entire three hours that she is there) I think some people think I'm a control freak (I can be) but I worry about her because she is just so young and doesn't always communicate how she is feeling. She has told us from time to time that she is shaky, or that her tummy is cold (those both mean that she is low), but not on a consistent basis.
Well, her teacher called about the time I was getting there to get Dantzler. She told me that Lydia said she was shaky and that they gave her some smarties. I rushed to get Lydia first, but I was SO happy and thrilled that she told her teacher. This is HUGE people!
Yes, she was low, as in 51 low, but she knew it and told it. This mama can handle that! (especially when we get it back up in range)

This cartoon below is hysterical. Seriously, if it were only that easy.... ha!


  1. So proud of Lydia! She is such a smart little girl! Love that sweet kiss picture too :)

  2. yay lydia! i was wondering how you were doing/feeling/worrying while she was away...and it is ok when you are being a control freak in your is necessary! i checked molly's BS the other day b/c she saw me do mine and thought it would be fun...(ha) but she didn't even cry! now lucy (6) on the other hand completely looses it and has a total freak out if i come any where near her with my meter! (and this diabetic momma just cks her babies every now and then just to make sure!)

  3. Way to go Lydia!!! That is awesome!

    That cartoon has me cracking up. :)

  4. That picture of the sisters is too sweet! Good job, Lydia!

  5. YAY L Y D I A ! ! ! ! That is WONDERFUL!!!! ;)

  6. Way to GO SWEET GIRL!!!!!! :))))) I am so loving that sweet sista pic!