Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It has been ONE year!

Wow, it has been a full year since the big "betes" diagnosis.  It turned our world upside down and some days it still does.

Has it gotten any easier? Yes

Are there days we can't beat it and no matter what equation or carb ratio we use, we just cannot get her numbers right? Yes

Could we not make it without these? No, "circle snacks" treat many lows around here.

She will eat them during her sleep... Can you say, AWESOME?!

Do we worry 24/7 and check her 10 to 12 times per day? Yes and will continue to do so, especially after the sad news I read yesterday about a 14 year old with diabetes.

Are we tired? Yes, super tired.

But, our sweet Lydia's life was saved last September 21st and we are forever thankful for that! She was sick and now she is  better.

We have the tools to manage this disease and we are giving it our all.

We would hand it back over in a heartbeat, if we could, but we would also pick it over some others, for sure!

So, we are celebrating today! Here's to you, Lydia and all your extra sugar!

And Dantz gets to join the celebration because as Lydia says, "Dantz is a pretend diabetic"


  1. aww wow... happy diabetic-birthday lydia :) i just had my 12th not that long ago and have been on my pump for almost 10 years...craziness. just keep doing what you are doing and hopefully as the years go by there will be more and more advancements to make life easier for us as diabetics! ya'll are doing great!!

  2. Awesome job, Dowling fam! Love that Dantz is a pretend diabetic. Owen just saw the pic and said "Does Dantz have a pump?!"

  3. You are doing a fantastic job. Your sweet Lydia is a trooper and a funny one, too.

    Much love.