Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What's happening?

Friday night, I hit the town with my two sweet aunts and cousin, Anna. We headed downtown to the Civic Center to see Billy Currington live. His show was great and it helps when they have a lot of hit songs. Anyway, he's on tour with Kenny Chesney next, do you think they'll come back to Dothan?

Me and Anna

God is Great, Beer is Good and People are Crazy!

Cindy and Jan- Thanks bunches!

Now, remember that art contest that Lydia entered a couple of weeks ago at Bellamia? She won her age division and we are super excited about the prize.  (one year family membership to Landmark Park) Yeah for Lydia!

Now this little mess is on art restriction. Not really, but she can't be trusted with the markers. She was covered in red marker and this picture was after I did some scrubbing. You should have seen her legs and she had on pants. :) Lydia told me that it was a very bad idea.

We are heading to Birmingham on Friday to learn about these little boogers. I will give you a report when we return. I've got a little bit of anxiety about the whole thing. I know it will be much better, but the thought of starting from scratch, makes me tired.
I'm thinking the pink one has Lydia's name all over it. :)

Gotta go straighten up!  Grandmother is flying into town this evening and I have two excited little girls.

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