Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekends are good!

We took a ride to Hilton, Georgia to eat dinner at The Log Cabin on Friday night with friends and family. Who doesn't love a good ol' ride through the country and a delicious dinner too! I highly recommend both.

The Two B'day Girls

Make sure you share a large platter of fried dill pickles when you go! :)

Will took the girls to pick strawberries on 231 North near TSUD Saturday am. They came home with a basket full of delicious strawberries and lots of cute pictures too. Here's a few of my favorites. The girls had a blast.
Hey Dantz, What cha' got there?

Love this one! (especially Dantzler's jorts)

Come have some strawberry shortcake with us!

This little girl rocked the stage in Wicksburg on Saturday night. I'm not that into pageants, but she did SO good and looked like a complete natural doing it.  She doesn't have a shy bone in her body and is full of personality; it was obvious on stage. Congratulations Sue Ellen, you are one sweet little girl!
Sue Ellen King- Little Miss Wicksburg

Now, what about this pic! I can't even take it. No, it's not my "true love" but that is the first thing I thought about when someone sent this to me. Wow, what a shark and that kayak looks tiny!! By the way, this was in PCB too.


  1. Ready to go back NOW...except instead of a Reese's cup for dessert we will be going back to your house for strawberry shortcake! So proud for Sue Ellen! And that shark picture is CRAZY!

  2. You played awesome tonight! And the last photo just justified why I DON'T swim in the ocean!!! Glad I get to see you more often!