Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Just a bunch of Photos and Captions!

Ella, Sue Ellen and Anna at Aunt Cindy's for lunch on Sunday.

Emma giving Sue Ellen a basket ride. Grant, your bike is a hit!

My little Dantz Machine looking too big!

Emma giving the girls and Grandmother a ride. Soaking up every minute with Grandmother!

Family time before Mom leaves to catch a bird back up North.

Will brought the girls to our practice game on Monday night!

Too much going on around them to look at the camera

I'm on the pitcher's mound looking a little too serious. (esp in those socks)

Courtney is swinging that bat and busting that ball for First Pres!

It has been HOT and the girls are already enjoying popsicles and we sure do appreciate a low-carb snack.

Night Folks!


  1. Love the pics, love the socks, love Will out like a light on the patio!! :)

  2. Go girl!!!! I remember those days with you on the mound!!! I love this sight so much! It helps keep me contacted until I can get home to all of you!!!!