Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rainy Day...

The weekend was great, family in town and lots of "Team Lydia" excitement. The weather wasn't too good on Saturday morning, but it held off enough for us to finish the three mile walk in Lydia's honor.  A lot of sweet friends and family joined us and it was a special time.

Owen Thompson, Lilly Bowers, Claire Coffman, Lydia, Dantz, Anna Clare Thompson, Olivia Glass, Riggs Hickey, Elizabeth McClendon and Mac Adkinson

Will has been working out of town a lot lately. We haven't talked much since he left Monday at three am, but we are all missing him. Lydia had a painful accident yesterday and she cried and cried for her daddy for at least 45 minutes. He has been in meetings all week,  so I sent a text asking him to please call when he took a break. He happened to call while we were in the car and I gave Lydia the cell phone. I kept glancing in the rear view mirror at her talking to her daddy. At first I thought, when did she get big enough to actually have a telephone conversation. Then I thought, it was one of the sweetest things that I have ever seen. We will see you tonight, Daddy!  

The girls are ready for a bedtime story from Daddy.

I've been helping my sweet niece, Emma get ready for 7th grade cheerleader tryouts. For those of you that have cheered, you know it's a really big deal. She has been practicing hard and I sure hope her hard work pays off.  The big day was today, but they have been postponed until tomorrow afternoon. Boo! :) Go Emma, you can do it! (of course this isn't a recent pic)

This weather is making me lazy. Will is the early bird, so when he's away, I have to get up with this early bird. This is another old picture and boy, has she grown since it was taken. My little baby will be two in less-than a month. Wow, I can't even believe it.

I have rambled enough and the girls are asking me for a "dance party", so I best go. (This weather doesn't appear to make them lazy) Stay Dry Friends!

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