Friday, February 18, 2011

My kind of Weather!

Gosh, it's a great feeling to ride down the road with the windows down and the sun bright enough to wear sunglasses and really need them. We have soaked up some rays this week and loved every minute of it! We have been cooped up, too long and way overdue, for some outside action.

We loaded up a few times and headed to the park this week. Will was out of town all week and we did our own thing. Let's just say the kitchen was just about closed. :)

Besides all the outside fun, this mama has been busy! Busy selling t-shirts, that is! Yes, I ordered 375 tees on Thursday and over 300 have been sold. (email me if you still want one!   It is truly amazing all the support we have received  for Team Lydia. We are feeling the love! (it doesn't hurt that the tees are so stinkin' cute either)

We are looking forward to the walk on Saturday, March 5th.We hope you join us!  There's no registration fee, but you are required to register. Here's the link:  And if you've already registered click on the link anyway and look at that goal. AMAZING!
Happy Sunshine Weekend!

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  1. Make me laugh this morning!!!! She is a hoot!!! I can imagine that there is never a dull moment in AL. Miss all of it!

    Love to all!