Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fever Baby!

This little munchkin is sick. She woke up late, last night burning up with fever. She is pitiful this morning and just wants to snuggle. It's good stuff (the snuggling that is), but I really hope she starts feeling better soon. I'm debating a trip to the doctor, because it's always a risk to come out with more than you went in with.... (however, the flu is going 'round and 'round) We're just kinda playing it by ear this am.

Hoping she gets her groove back soon! (and everyone else that is under-the-weather too)


  1. Poor thing! Hope she gets better soon!!!!

  2. Poor baby d! We're down and out, too. Little Man started with fever and then threw up last night, er, rather, this morning! And Little Bit has fever, a double ear infection (meds weren't working), and is on breathing treatments. We're a mess. Y'all get well soon! (And thank you Lord for netflix!!!)

  3. Sweet girl!!!! i wish i was there to snuggle!!!! i hope you feel better soon. hugs and kisses to all of you!

    Love, grandmother