Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day 2011 !

We had a great weekend, even though the pigtail princess looks a bit upset. Friday night, WD came to the rescue and took the girls to Bea's for another slumber party. He slipped out and we headed out to dinner. If you haven't been to Joe Mama's Pizza Firestone Pizza on Oates Street, it is yum!
I slept in Saturday am and then took the girls to a birthday party and they were precious. I wish, I would have taken pictures of them in action, because it was at a gymnastics's place and they had a ball. It brought on some very, long naps on Saturday. :)
Saturday night we relaxed and a couple of friends came over for a no-fuss dinner. We had about 2 minutes of regret thinking we should be at the Mardi Gras Ball and then realized we were so happy to be home in stretch pants on the couch. :) I think we are getting old.
I love Valentine's and not really sure why. Maybe because it's just a fun, no pressure holiday around here. The girls iced heart-shaped cookies and Lydia kept saying, "We don't eat the cookies, right?" She didn't eat the cookies, but she did eat her fair share of icing. Oops, I should have been more clear on my directions.
Lots of goodies have arrived for the girls from loved ones. It's so cute to see them rip into their surprises and then get excited about the tissue paper or a pack of chewing gum. It's the little things, right? I really could learn a lot from my pigtail princesses.
We've mailed out a few "Team Lydia" letters and we're still overwhelmed by the response. We are so excited about the Walk on March 5th at Westgate Park. We do hope you all will join us! The t-shirts are going to be super fun and cute for all. We are up to 2500.00 and still have 20 days to go! Go TEAM LYDIA! Check out the site:

Happy Valentine's Day and Hugs to Everyone!

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  1. I love that 1st pic of Dantz and am also loving those pigtails! I only wish we had a pic of those faces begging for a sleepover! We are NOT old...well, maybe a little :)