Thursday, February 10, 2011

Halfway There!

I can't believe we have already reached $1500.00 for Team Lydia! I haven't even mailed the letters yet and I'm so excited.

Team Lydia T-shirts will be available too.
More info to come, but you'll definitely want one whether you walk or not,  because super talented, Anna Beasley is working her artistic magic on them!


  1. That's GREAT! I wish you could've heard AC telling her friend yesterday all about the walk and how she was walking so someone would find a cure and trying to explain diabetes and that "when Lydia's healthiness gets too high she has to get shots and her finger stuck.." It was so precious! Rock on Team Lydia!

  2. What a team!!!! Lovin' all the support for my sweet baby girl. Bring it on. Can't wait to sport my Team Lydia shirt. I'm so proud!!!!

  3. As of Friday am, it's 2,000!! Whoop Whoop!