Sunday, July 1, 2012

June has come and gone!

We have been busy and that's the way we like it. I'm doing my best to keep up with these two busy bees. The days are hot and long. Some are harder than others, but we are having a lot of fun!

Dantz showing her skills at gymnastics!

Lydia swinging on that bar like it doesn't phase her hands.

Omnifit every Mon, Wed and Friday at Calvary Baptist.

Lydia wasn't old enough to attend Diabetes Camp this year at Landmark Park, but they were so sweet to invite the girls to join them on the last day of camp. It was water day and the girls had a blast. Lydia is excited about going all four days next year.
Happy Girl at Diabetes Camp

Love this! Waiting their turn for the big water slide.

They had a blast!

This video has been on my phone for several months. I'm putting it on here, so I will always have it. My sweet L is going to teach us all a thing or two about betes. :)


  1. She's so precious!!! Missing y'all BIG TIME!!!

  2. The picture of your girls waiting to go on the slide is so sweet! Frameworthy for sure.

    Miss Lydia is one smart girl!

  3. Love that video! What an informed little girl. :)