Thursday, July 19, 2012

Happy Beach Day!

I highly recommend a middle of the week beach trip!

Will was able to work in PCB a couple of days, so we headed down to visit and play with Grandmother and Rob.

60 percent chance of rain, I think not!

Rob, Dantz, Grandmother and Lydia
Dantz as a Sand Mermaid

She was right by Grandmother's side the entire time

You all have seen these dudes walk the beach with their cameras, right? Well, I let him go for it with the girls.

Hello Naptime!

All was going great and well, until......

Dantz and Grandmother were busy making more sandcastles down by the water. Lydia and I had just returned from a short stroll. Grandmother yells for me to get Rob and I think she has been stung or something.

Long story short, she twisted or tore her knee and could not get up. Who knew building sandcastles was dangerous. 

This is her being carried off of the beach. Yes, she's going to kill me. :)

Rob followed the ambulance on my van and the girls and I stayed to play.

Hang Ten!

L making a sand angel

Sweet L

We pulled a full day on the beach. Will picked us up when he was done working and we headed back to Grandmother's to check on her. It was a Happy Beach Day!  (thrilled to report MRI on knee came back clear)

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