Sunday, July 15, 2012

Down by the River!

Whew, I'm behind on this blog. Tonight, I'll just post about our fun, family adventure we took to the river on Saturday.

It was one of our best days together!!

Lyd is ready to get the boat in the water!

And here we go......

Lydia, "I'd really like to stay here until the sun goes down"

Finally getting up the nerve to get in the "dark" water :)

Didn't take long......

Papa, your boat makes a great diving board.

Chips and Beer! joking!
Seriously though, I don't own a "kini", but if I did the river is the place to sport it.

Dantz Machine getting tired

and she's out!

She pulled a FULL day of swimming! She was whooped too.

The girls got on their dry clothes and we headed

HERE for dinner!! YUM!


  1. How fun! I love those lazy river days. And can you believe I've never eaten at the Log Cabin?! My parents have been several times & I've always missed out. We should plan a date there :)

  2. What a GREAT DAY!!! The girls are so cute! MIssing y'all TONS!!!

  3. What a super fun day!! Thompsons need to tag along next time! And I'm so jealous of that last stop :)