Monday, January 16, 2012

River Trip 2012

The girls are ready to wet a hook!

Dantz was serious about it

Lydia not so much....

It's really a shame we couldn't entertain her with a bunch of junk food, while we fished. :)

I think Will has himself a little fishin' partner!

Time to take it the dry land

It was a quick trip to the river for an afternoon adventure.. We took a boat ride, did a little fishin' and stopped to visit with Uncle Gerald.

Too bad the Log Cabin Restaurant was extremely crowded or it would have ended just right. Next time.


  1. Where are the boiled peanuts when you need them? It saved you many times on your fishing trips. D is serious for sure! Great family outing! The pictures are so good, too.

  2. Can I please join you for a boat ride one of these days?!

    And the Log Cabin?! Yes, please. My parents go all the time and rave about the fried pickles. I have never been. For shame!

  3. Your pictures look great! Maybe you can lead that photography class we're supposed to be taking :) Proud of Dantz D and her no paci,too!