Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Once Upon A Time.....

  My legs looked like this.
St George Island, May 2005

The varicose veins started appearing while pregnant with Lydia. Then, while Dantz was hanging out in my tummy, the veins got out of control. I am sure being pregnant for two straight years did not help, and anymore pregnancies would have made them blow.

I attemped a laser procedure two years ago and it was a bust.

It is kinda hard not wearing shorts and dresses during the Summer in South Alabama. And when I do get over myself and sport either, people star at my leg, like crazy. I am not joking. Kids ask me what is on my leg while at the pool and my sweet Dantz loves to kiss my veins and say, "Ouchie".

Over Thanksgiving, I went to see Dr. William Veale. While examining my leg he said, "remarkable", "truly remarkable".

So, tomorrow it is all going down! I am scheduled for a Stab Phlebectomy. (you would think they would come up with a different name) Basically, he will make over twenty small incisions in my right leg and pull the veins out. Sounds pretty disgusting and I promise, you do not want to look at the picturse on the world wide web. I am prepared for the shark attack, I think.

Anyway, I would love your thoughts and prayers tomorrow morning! I pray that it all goes well and that I am not too uncomfortable in the days to follow. I pray that it heals properly and that this procedure works!

Please note- I do not expect my leg to ever look like the first picture, so please don't either. :-)


  1. Praying all goes okay for you!!

  2. Oh friend! Praying for you that the procedure will go well and be a huge success!

    And yes, they should give it a different name. :)

  3. The Name sounds terrifying! You are right, they need to change it! I'll admit, when reading the thought of the procedure you are having today, made my food come up my throat! Poor thing! I'll be praying, what is the recovery going to be like? Hope it is successful!

  4. Hugs and prayers!! Hope things went well!!