Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy Birthday and New Year!

I had a great birthday week! I love to joke with Will and call it my "birthday week", but why shouldn't it be. I have to share it with the holidays and everyone still feels festive, so I take full advantage of getting folks gathered for birthday cheer.
Super cute and yummy birthday cake that the girls picked out for me!

Let me just say that I did not marry WD because of his gift giving. I am completely confident in saying that it is not his love language.  I know this, but still when I unwrapped my pretty pink gift on my birthday morning, I was not expecting this.  I even had a friend ask him if he needed any help with a purchase. He said he had gotten a well thought out gift and wrapped it with love. If you are wondering why a headlight, he thought it might be handy for me to use while checking Lydia during the night. 
Moving on because it is best for everyone..... :)

We went to the beach to ring in the New Year with Mom, Rob and nieces. We headed to Pier Park, Saturday night to watch the fireworks. It was great fun! Mom was smiling from ear to ear the entire time because she had all of us there together.
Will, Dantz and Sue Ellen stepping it out

The girls watching fireworks with Grandmother

attempting a grandmother and granddaughter pic

this little dude decided that he was taking Emma's beach ball. Lydia cried earlier because he took hers.
 Dantz handled him later.

Happy 2012, Hip Hop Emma!
Sunday arrived and we were all sad to see Grandmother and Rob go. They had a big drive ahead of them and left us behind at the beach. We made a picnic lunch and took a boat ride with the girls. They absolutely loved it! A big wave came over the front of the boat and it could have really been bad. Luckily, Lydia started laughing and saying how silly it was and then Dantz followed suit. Whew!!! We were soaked and they were still happy.
Will and I even managed to wet a line or two while the girls "walked the plank" on the boat. Totally unbelievable that neither went overboard.
Lydia looking for fish

Dantz, our little pirate

I love new beginnings and fresh starts. Here's to 2012.

Happy New Year, Y'all!!


  1. Happy happy birthday friend!!! I didn't know! Love the headlight! ;)

  2. Cheers to 2012 and cheers to you!

    ps... I love that you guys were the Christmas Eve Advent family! That's so special.

    another ps... that White Lily flour sitting on your counter made me miss home. :)

  3. I seriously laughed hysterically out loud over the headlight. love it! Happy Bday and New Year!!

  4. Katie, the headlight is.not.funny. ha!!!!
    Molly, if I need to mail you some flour, I will. :)