Monday, January 9, 2012

Dantz D is a big girl!

Our Little Dantz machine has been sleeping her with her paci and "duckie" since she was born. She loves them both!

This past Friday as we were rushing out the door to head to the park, I went back inside to grab paci, duckie and Lydia's lammie. I could not find her paci anywhere, so we rolled onto the park without it. She wasn't going to use it at the park, but it does offer a quiet ride.

This paci is serious business. I called Will and said, if you stop by the house during lunch, will you look for paci and put it on her bed because we will be at the park until naptime. He sent me a text later that read, no luck with paci.

I decided not to leave the park for naps because I wasn't ready for the drama that was about to go down. I know some of you are reading this and thinking, seriously she is almost three, take that dang thing away!

Anyway, we came home from the park around 4 o'clock and she was tired, out of control and wanting that paci, BAD. We pushed through. Sweet Bea-Bea showed up with a handful of back ups, but I  decided that she had gone from mid-morning until almost bedtime without it. I couldn't think of a better time to say bye-bye to it.

She whined and couldn't go to sleep immediately and Lydia was ready to snooze. I put her in the bed with me. I read, we held hands and she dozed off to sleep.  (WITH NO PACI) 

I'd like to report that she has gone three nights and three naps without it and hasn't asked for it since "early" Saturday morning. Our sweet baby girl is a big girl. (which makes this mama sad)

Yay for Dantz!


  1. aww! she is a big girl!! i was sad when molly got rid of hers too!

  2. So proud of that sweet girl! That is a huge hurdle!!

  3. Thanks y'all. She found the stash this am and wanted one baaaaad. They immediately disappeared and I think we are good. Hoping I find the "lost" one before she does. :)

  4. I found your blog via Bellamia - what a lovely site you have! Will come back to visit often. :)

  5. Herreson is a HUGE paci lover. I feel judged a lot because of it. I am sure that many look and think he is too big. BUt, i don't look forward to the drama of taking it away. Props to you all for the success. Can you come to my house and get herreson off it?