Thursday, June 16, 2011

One Month Pumping

I've got truckin' in my blood, so I decided to hit the highway at 4am yesterday. Sweet "Sissy" decided to go along for the ride and it was very much appreciated, especially on the ride home. A round trip to Birmingham is fu real.

It was her 1-month pump follow-up visit and we got a good report and a little more pump education.We are excited and hopeful about the "new" information and hoping it is helpful for the next pod change. Overall, A plus 100.

Woo hoo....gained two more pounds!!

Lydia stayed up for most of the trip, but she did catch a few winks before we stopped for lunch, on the way home. Overall, she was an awesome sport and held it together until we hit the light at Murphy Mill on 231. Sissy and I could feel her pain because we were ready to be home too.

To say these two were ready for the pool today would be an understatement. I was excited about the pool too because it brings on some serious naps and we could all use one around here.

"If y'all want to go swimming, sit beside each other, look at the camera and smile"


  1. So glad things went well!! We've got a round trip coming up next week. You are right!! They ARE Fu REAL!! ;)

  2. So glad you received a good pump report! That last caption made me laugh out loud! ;)

  3. She is so precious and i am so amazed at how strong she is for such a little girl! What a great mommy too!!!

  4. hi! i just read darby's blog and i saw your comment about checking a blood sugar, so i had to come over and see your blog! i am type 1 diabetic...for 12 years now and i have a pump. i have had one for almost 10 years. i wasn't diagnosed till right before i turned 20, so i don't know what it was like to grow up with it as a child, but i can certainly understand your frustration as a mother and having a young child and trying to monitor all she eats and how much insulin to give-i just want to tell you that from what little of you blog i have read, you are doing a great job and i just wanted to just give you a quick word of encouragement...also, what kind of pump is she on? i have not seen one like that or heard of one with pods? i have a medtronic (minimed) and have used them since i've had my pump
    ps-i also know molly r and lindsay from going to troy...funny how i saw them on your comments after i came over from darby's!