Saturday, June 11, 2011

Date Night!

Last night Will surprised me and had arranged a sleepover at Bea's. (a sleepover includes Will and the girls because we cannot leave Lydia) I was super excited because a) this means I get to sleep through the night, b) I get to sleep later than 7am and c) Will and I get to go do something fun once he gets L squared away.

Will slipped out of Bea's, picked me up and we headed here with our two chairs and a cooler.

We sorta looked like the picture below, minus the jackets and kids.

It started to rain halfway through the movie, so we had to get in the truck and turn it around. (we didn't mind-just happy to see rain) We will definitely do it again. We have big plans for our next drive-in experience. We'll pick up some Mexican Connection or pizza, we'll take our portable stereo and sit it on the toolbox (so we don't have to worry about a battery dying), cold beverages again and of course, we'll have to get a large popcorn when we get there!


  1. What a great date night!!!! We need to do that!

  2. Hi WLDjrs! I found your blog through my good friend Lindsay Nicholls. Your girls are adorable! I am originally from Headland... when my husband & I were dating, we went to the drive in. Loved it! Look forward to keeping up with you & your beautiful family.
    Molly R