Friday, May 27, 2011


it is not something I was born with, but I am learning it more everyday. And I'm trying people, especially with a two and three year old and "betes", too!

The "betes" is a serious waiting game. (waiting on BS to drop, waiting on it to rise, waiting to check BS, waiting for her to take another bite and I could go on and on) I will spare you. I'm thinking,God put "betes" into my life to help me with this serious downfall. :)

My point is, the girls and I woke up and packed up. It was snacktime, so I checked Lydia's BS, before we were going to hit the road. It read 500!! Not at all, what I was expecting to see. I made her go wash her hands, and we gave it another try. Same thing. (yes, dirty hands can give you a bad reading)

You see, last night was a long night. "Betes" doesn't sleep, incase you were wondering. She was high at 10p, so I plugged her with some serious insulin. Checked her at midnight and it had dropped some, but not what it should have considering her last dose.(I didn't think the pod was working, but I make decisions and conclusions FAST- kinda goes hand in hand with the whole patience thingy) Checked her at 2 am and it had dropped a little bit more, but still deserved a correction, so plugged in a little more insulin. At 5 am, she still needed a little more. At 7, she woke up on target and it kinda made me forget everything that had happened during the night. (again, I'm hasty and thought it must be working since her BS was in range) Fed her breakfast, dosed her and we went on about our business.

Snack time at 10am- Decided that blankety, blank pod wasn't working and went ahead and deactivated it. Pulled out the syringes and gave her a shot to get that 500 down. Had to remove the old pod (which seems to be Lydia's least favorite part) and let her just hang without it for about an hour. Put on a new pod before lunch and now I'm back to waiting.

We are all still home. They are snoozing and I will know by 2:00 if the new pod is working properly. If so, we are outta here! I've got two cuties ready for some fun in the sun! And I'm ready too!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!

And Happy Birthday Billy (L) and Dad (R). Hope y'all have a good one!!

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  1. Bless you friend! I hope y'all have hit the road by now. :(