Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Monday is the day!

I get asked on a regular basis if Lydia is using her insulin pump. Monday is the day! We will spend all day in Birmingham, first seeing her doctor, then learning, learning and learning some more. They usually require three different visits, but we have promised to do our homework and teach ourselves all we can before Monday. If all goes well and they think we can handle it, Lydia will come home using the pump.

Lots of reading, programming and online videos
My eyes are starting to cross!

We are extremely nervous about this change. It's hard leaving our comfort zone, but we know the smaller doses that the insulin pump can provide, is what she needs. We've been her pancreas for the past seven months, now we've got to turn it over and trust in this little bitty machine.

We would love your prayers!  This is a huge step and a brand new ballgame with completely different rules. We are extremely nervous, but super excited too!

Love and Hugs,

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  1. Y'all are going to ROCK the pump! We are praying for y'all! Go WLDJRs!!!