Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend 2011

Beach Picnic

Dantz had worked up an appetite. Check out that sandwich.

Checking a little BS in the sand :)

"Daddy, a wave!"

Worn out and laid back in the shade

The nap allowed Mama some time to play.
Dantz and JP relaxing

Pier Park On Sunday

That's not good table manners, WD and Dantz.

Holy Moly, they sure were good!


Beach and Pool Action at the Hudson's on Sunday afternoon.. fun times.

Waiting on a pizza after lots of fun in the sun!

Happy Happy Birthday Brock!

When this heals, we will be back!!!
 The Weekend at the beach was fabulous!

We came back into town today and my last softball game of the season was tonight. I'm going to miss seeing these ladies every Monday night. Good times!

So much fun ladies!!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend Everyone!

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