Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day Number 1- Check!

Lydia feels great, better than she has in a very long time. Actually, I cannot remember the last time she felt this good. Sad, I know but the whole high/low blood sugar thingy really works on her mood. Today was good though.
She hasn't been high all day today. She's either been in range or low. In target is good stuff,  but it is hard to relax because you aren't sure if it'll stay or drop. It has been dropping. I slept all of about 3 hours last night and don't see tonight being any different.
The good news is, we will send in all of her data on Thursday.They want three full days of info with no changes, sticking strictly to their directions, so they will know how to adjust her insulin to carb ratio. So, I'm predicting we will go into the weekend a little more relaxed and hopefully, get some rest too.

Going from 4-6 shots per day to zero and feeling AWESOME too.  Day number one- check!

Disclosure: I'm not a writer, especially in the midnight hour. I'm just putting this info out there for those of you that care and want an update.


  1. How absolutely wonderful!!! Praying you get some good sleep soon!

  2. I love your updates. Honey and I were both thinking about Lydia today! We both wore our Team Lydia T-shirts to 5:30 boot camp this morning. I hope you get some rest soon. So glad Day 1 was :).

  3. So glad things are going well!!! It's my turn to say YOU are an amazing mom!!! Hugs!