Sunday, August 22, 2010

Wet 'n Wild

Oh boy, what a morning on Oak Drive! Have you ever wondered why in the world it is so hard to get to church on-time? Well, we had a special occasion this morning because Dowling was getting baptized. And. we. missed. it! Yep, we were too late! I'm not sure they knew until now because we eased in the back. Anyway, it was a usual morning of getting dressed, meltdowns, outside, inside, dirty diapers, hungry, thirsty, cartoons, music, etc.....

Then it went down! I'll just say the bathroom got covered with a broken bottle of "hot pink" nail polish and it was a hot mess. And, it's still not all up! Then, Will took both girls outside to get in the car, while I made their juices and packed their diaper bags. I heard him say, "oh no, Dantz!". I immediately knew that she had taken a dip in the baby pool. (it's usually not under the carport, so it slipped our minds) Sure 'nuff she was soaked and we had to change dresses, diapers, etc. So, needless to say words were exchanged and the tension was high. We made it though and the service was wonderful. We got to see family and friends afterwards and we all worshipped the Lord together.

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  1. What a story! What a morning!! You might want to cry, but you have to laugh! All the WLDjrs looked great and indeed it was good to be with family and friends and worship the Lord together!