Monday, August 30, 2010

Glad the weekend is over!

Friday started off with a bang and a trip to Dothan Peds.
Two sick little angels that wanted to be held ALL day! Only problem is there's only 1 of me and I was trying to cook and clean for Supper Club on Saturday.

At some point, Lydia decided to get in the spirit, but not for long.

Look at those curls...

Pitiful Sick ear infection Baby, but still adorable...

Then at 5 o'clock the party began. We pulled it off and it was a large time!

Lots of friends and fellowship.

3 dear "old" friends...

Then we loaded up and headed downtown.. Mistake.
Anyway, no pictures on Sunday, but the girls were picked up from two very generous Aunts they kept them overnight while sick. I taught Sunday School for the very first time to 15 precious little girls and boys. We went to Dad's (aka Caddy) for a feast Sunday night!
We all slept extra good last night and were so happy to see Monday!

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