Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fuss Bus

WD is not a very happy man this morning. He loves this truck (aka- fuss bus, tank). A lot of memories have been made over the years and a lot of good miles too! Driving back and forth from Vero Beach to Columbus, GA while we were dating, moved me from Columbus to Atlanta when we were engaged, later moved Will from Vero to Atlanta... It was loaded to the max when we left for St George Island prior to our wedding weekend. (It was actually so full that I had to get a friend to pick up my wedding gown). I can still picture this truck cruising the island with a big ol' red kayak on top! So, while we have had some good times in the tank, it's time to say good-bye! I asked Will to smile for a picture and he told me he didn't have any reason to smile. :) It's not officially bye-bye, but we're both hoping it won't take long. Any takers? It runs like a gem.

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